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upcoming tournaments for traveling anglers with videos
« on: January 21, 2018, 09:02:58 PM »
ello, tidewater anglers.  I used to live in Virginia but I now live in New England.  I check in every few months or so to see how the fishing is there. 
I was doing some planning for the upcoming fishing year and I thought I would share some info regarding upcoming tournaments for people who might be interested in traveling to go to tournaments.  Since Captain Kayak's Jamaica Bay Tournament was held for the last time last year, the two big ones are the NEKF Striper Shootout and the TBO trifecta, which is hosted by Three Belles Marina.  Big fish are caught at these tournaments and I would consider them bucket list tournaments as well as fishing destinations.
These are videos that show a little about the tournament.  I made the first video and it is mostly just fish my friends and I caught during the tournament and the second is by Mark of MDLR fishing who has a channel based out of Texas.


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