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CANCELLED: 1st Annual Summer Slam Fishing Tournament!
« on: April 01, 2018, 04:00:38 PM »

1st Annual Summer Slam Fishing Tournament!

Event Date June 2, 2018
Registration Deadline June 1, 2018 12:01am [Eastern Time]

Bell Island Beach Club & Marina
2 Bells Island Dr,
Hampton, VA 23664

TKAA, Oak Tree Outfitters, and Grafton Fishing Supplies are the partnering in this event!


Deadline to enter –Early Registration to May 1st $50, Late Entry is $60

Registration Link:

Who-Anyone who wishes to fish in a Kayak only saltwater fishing tournament.

What– TKAA 1st Annual Summer Slam Saltwater Tournament

When – June 2, 2018 Fishing at first light (as per Captain Meeting)

Where– Any public accessible launch in Virginia waters

Why– To help promote the sport of kayak fishing and to raise money for fishing charities in Virginia, and promote Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association (TKAA)!

How- CPR format (catch, photo, release) designated SLAM event.

Additional Info –Email or visit the web at

Rules to be posted at



LOCATION: The Event location is being held at Bell Island Marina and Beach Club located at 2 Bells Island Dr, Hampton, VA 23664.

There will be a required Captains Meeting (You choose between Oaktree Outfitters or Bell Island Marina) the day before on June 1st Between 4pm-9pm. This is just a window in which you can pick up your tournament items that are required for the day of the event.


(This is a CPR (Catch, Photo and Release) Tournament.)

A. This is a SLAM event consisting of three possible species of fish i.e. Trout, Flounder, and Redfish.

B. To be considered eligible for the slam you must have two fish and only one from each category
Example: One trout and one redfish, one trout and one flounder, or one redfish and one flounder,

C. Redfish will be limited in size to 26” max length. Anything over will still be counted, but will only result in a 26” length being recorded.

D. You can only enter one category for the SLAM. The decision which fish to enter must be made upon dropping off of submission.

E. You can fish any waters in Virginia, but you must launch from a public accessable landing. In otherwords you cannot launch from private property including Military or State/County owned that the general public does not have access to.

F. All fish must be caught on rod, reel, line and hook with artificial lures. No traps, snares, set lines or other methods of fishing other than rod, reel and line are permissible, even if level under state game laws. Artificial bait and live bait are allowed, however, if the participant is going to use live bait, it has to be caught no earlier the one hour before the tournament official launch time or purchased through Grafton Fishing Supplies.

CHECK IN: 2pm to 4PM. You must be in line No Later Then 4pm in order for your fish to be considered.

Example of cash payout:An 80% payout of all all profits collected from registration fees collected adjusted based off participation and after payout of expenses. If less then 40 participants then 1st and 2nd will be paid. If greater then 40 then 1st,2nd, and 3rd will be awarded.
percentage as follows: 1st-50%, 2nd-30%, and 3rd-20%.

Acceptable measuring boards include the “Hawg Trough” manufactured by Hagen’s, a FishStik Version 2 (with Bump Board Arrows and Lock Slide) and the Ketch Co Measuring Board.

Only fish caught from kayaks or other acceptable watercraft are eligible for scoring. Acceptable watercraft is defined as any watercraft defined by the manufacturer as a kayak and sold as a kayak.

TKAA Committee must approve in advance any other craft, paddled or otherwise propelled. No gasoline-powered boats, sailboats, jon boats, float tube, pontoon boat, or similar craft will be permitted. For questionable craft that may not qualify, contact TKAA Committee in advance for eligibility determination.

Participants must use their own digital cameras/Phone for recording scoring fish, and a card reader will be used to download pictures.
A. Entrants must bring the storage chip from their camera to check-in or bring the download cable for their camera so that pictures may be retrieved.
B. If smart phones are used, GPS and date MUST be turned on and used. This information must able to be retrieved by tournament staff (failure to do so will result in all pictures taken with that device ineligible).
C. If cameras are so equipped with GPS and/or date feature, this must be enabled and set with the current date and time. Cameras and phone can be checked by tournament staff at any time upon request without any delay.
D. The following media formats can be handled without a cable at check-in:
1. CompactFlash Type I
2. CompactFlash Type II
3. SD Card
4. miniSD
5. MultiMediaCard
7. Memory Stick
8. Memory Stick PRO
9. Memory Stick Duo
10. Memory Stick PRO Duo
11. SmartMedia
12. xD
13. Phones with working email capability or removable media that conforms to above listed storage devices.

Additional Rules and regulations will be posted at online and will be available at the tournament. Copies will be made available at the Captains Meeting from 4pm to 9pm at either Oaktree Outfitters or Bell Island Marina. These take precedent over all others.This event is being held rain or shine.

No refunds will be granted.

In consideration of my entry being accepted for participation in the TKAA sanctioned events, I do hereby state that I understand that the purpose of signing this document is to exempt and release the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association (TKAA), its agents, its endorsers and sponsors, administrators, successors, and assigns, including their officers, directors, members, operators, representatives, agents, insurers, successors, and volunteers, from each and every action and claim for damages, in law in admiralty, or in equity, arising from my association, entry or participation in the TKAA event. And hold these entities harmless from any and all liabilities arising as a consequence of the following, or any other acts or omissions on their part, including but not limited to negligence. I understand that there are inherent risks involved with Paddlesports, fishing, wading in the water and swimming including but not limited to perils of the sea & or waterways, act of the other participants & adverse sea & weather conditions & I hereby assume such risks. I certify that my physical condition and training are adequate to enable me to compete safely in the TKAA events, and I acknowledge that I am familiar with paddling and the risk associated and I will not hold TKAA or their employees, agents, endorsers or other associated personnel or companies responsible if I am injured as a result of ANY problems (medical, accidental, or otherwise) which occur while paddling, fishing, or other wise participating in the contest. I am also aware of the risks associated with the weather conditions that prevail on water at any time of the year: varying water temperatures, strong currents, choppy waters and marine animals. I also understand that pleasure and fishing craft share the waters and may be a danger. I specifically acknowledge that I am aware of the risks in Boating & Fishing and agree to assume those risks. If I should suffer illness or injury during the event I realize that medical care must be summoned & treatment will be delayed until I can return to shore & or be transported to a proper care facility. I agree in advance to these conditions. I will be present for the Captains meeting and be attentive to any information concerning conditions, which may cause me danger. If there is anything I have been told that I do not understand, I will immediately inform an official representative of the event. I authorize the officials of the event to use their discretion to have me transported to a medical facility and this Waiver and Release of Rights applies fully to such actions. I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the sponsors of this event or their representatives to use any photographs, motion pictures, video tapes, recordings or any other records of this event for any purpose whatever including commercial use. I UNDERSTAND I HAVE A DUTY TO EXERCISE REASONABLE CARE FOR MY OWN SAFETY & I AGREE TO DO SO. I will immediately stop my trip if paddling conditions are worse than those for which I have been trained or for which I have experienced. Neither, TKAA nor its endorsers, employees, sponsors, nor agents have made any representations to me, implied or otherwise, that they can or will perform safe rescue or first aid. In the event I become distressed or call for first aid, I would like assistance and will not hold TKAA their employees, volunteers or other competitors responsible for their actions in attempting the performance of rescue or first aid. I understand I have a duty to inspect the equipment I will be using; I will not hold anyone other than myself responsible for my failure to inspect my equipment prior to paddling. I understand that I am entering this event at my own risk and assume all risk of the hazards and dangers associated with this event. I understand that the event may not be cancelled or altered due to weather conditions. I agree to forever discharge and release TKAA, its member(s), endorser(s), agent(s), owner(s), agent(s), volunteer(s), and sponsor(s) from any and all responsibility or liability for any and all injuries or damages. I agree NOT to make a claim against or sue any of the above parties for injuries or damages, whether they arise or result from any NEGLIGENCE, GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER LIABILITY. I further specifically agree, on behalf of myself, my heirs, & assigns to & indemnify & hold harmless the released parties for any & all causes of action arising as a consequence of any incidents which might occur as a consequence of my participation in any activities with or involving the released parties.

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Re: 1st Annual Summer Slam Fishing Tournament!
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2018, 12:17:37 PM »
Registration is now open for TKAA’s next cash payout tournament! Event will be capped at 75 Anglers.

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Re: CANCELLED: 1st Annual Summer Slam Fishing Tournament!
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2018, 06:09:32 PM »
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are forced to cancel the saltwater tournament. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Full refunds are being provided.  Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
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