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Bonafide ss127
« on: May 04, 2018, 08:07:06 AM »
gonna post my personal experience so far with this kayak... first let me say that i have owned many different kayaks over the years and am experienced in many types of water and situations. i was very excited about this boat and some of the features are really innovative. i had watched and read all the reviews and wanted to help others make an informed decision. i love some of the design ideas, the two way hinges, the junk drawer, the paddle rest, the open deck, the electronics pod, seat is comfortable, but if you plan on fishing from this boat as a serious angler, i would be cautious about this particular boat. you can have all of the best features, but if you cant fish from the boat, its just frustrating. this boat can not handle wind at all... not even the slightest amount. it is so frustrating trying to make a cast while the boat is spinning and all you are doing is re-positioning constantly. i have been so disappointed in this flaw that it has made fishing limited and difficult. i really want to love this boat (not to mention, i spent a lot of money on it)... but im not sure i can. i go out to fish not to paddle... to be fair, i know all kayaks are susceptible to the wind and  i do not have a rudder, although i dont think it would solve the problem in the least. i got the boat to fish fresh water only so i can not comment on any other situations, i have an ocean kayak for saltwater. so just a heads up, before you commit to this kayak (and its price), try it out in wind first... hope this helps someone


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